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Coaches and Training Times 

NOTE: Please contact the Coaches before attending training for the first time, to confirm times and check availability of places in their squads.

Middle Distance and Cross Country Training

Valme Kruger 


Level 4 Accredited Coach (Australian Coaches Association)

Level 5 Accredited Coach (South Africa Coaches Association)

  • 27 years active coaching experience

  • Specific track event coaching 400m - 3000m

  • Specific cross country coaching

  • A training fee is charged.                  

Enquiries: 0402 126 060


Monday and Wednesday sessions;

4:15-5:30 Development Session: 8-12 year olds, concentrating on sprints and fitness and the practicing of the correct running style.

5:15-6:45 Middle Distance Session: older, more serious and well-conditioned middle distance athletes. Concentrating on more dynamic development of all the different types of training according to a specific training regime and athletics participation.
Fitness, strength and conditioning, speed endurance, speed, time trials etc.

An already established group of high level athletes. 

Any athlete interested in specific fitness and speed training. From 4:15-5:30


High Jump Jumps Disciples Throws Disciples Sprints/Hurdles Training  

John Sharpe  

Level 4 Accredited Coach (Australian Coaches Association)


  • 22 years active coaching experience

  • A training fee is charged   

 Enquiries: 0407 070 758


 Training: Most days (including weekends)
                 from 4pm onwards


Sprints and Hurdles Training

Mick Zisti

Level 2 Accredited Coach (Australian Coaches   Association)


  • 22 years active coaching experience

  • Sprints/Hurdles

  • A training fee is charged   

 Enquiries: 0434 110 872


 Training: Monday and Wednesday
                   4.30pm onwards  

Junior Hurdles Training

Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews

Harry Andrews

  • Hurdles coaching for Little Athletes

  • A training fee is charged

 Enquiries: Harry 0418 113 814
                     Nick   0487616 020

 TrainingMonday and Wednesdays
                 430 pm - 5.30pm