FAQS General & Little Athletics








Q.   When is club athletics?

A.    Friday nights from September to mid March .


Q.   Where does it take place?

A.    Lower Greenway Oval, off Shepherds Drive, Cherrybrook


Q.   What time is it?

A.    Warm up starts at 5.45pm and the evening goes on until the age groups have finished their events about 8.15pm.


Q.   Does it continue in the holidays?

A.    It continues through the 2 week holiday at the end of term 3 but there is about a 4 week break over the Christmas period.


Q.   What age is it for?

A.    To register with Little Athletics the child needs to be a minimum of 5 yrs old & a maximum of 16 yrs old as at 30th September.


Q.   What happens on a Friday night?

A.    Each age group will do a selection of about 5 events, depending on which program we are running. There is a 3 week program that rotates throughout the season, so on week 1 we do program 1, then program 2 the following week & then program 3 the week after & then back to program 1. If an evening is rained off we carry that weeks program to the next week. For details of the events on each program please click here


Q.   Do parents need to stay?

A.    Yes .  Each athlete MUST have a parent/guardian with them on a Friday night in order to take part.  Parents are required to help out each week with a duty. Parents sign up for a duty on arrival. Little As can only continue with the support of the parents involved in the activities, and this is why we need your help.


Q.   How do I register?

A.    Registrations open for Little Athletics online from 1st August. For more information on registrations, including details of fees please see the summer registration section of the website.


Q.   Is there training available?

A.    Yes. There are a number of experienced coaches that hold training sessions during the week for a small fee payable directly to the coach. For more information please see the coaching section of the website.


Q.   Do I have to wear a uniform?

A.    Yes. All registered athletes must wear the Cherrybrook Athletics uniform. Please refer to our website for details. Uniform is available to try on & purchase at the registration days, as well as ordering online.


 FAQ - Seniors







Q.   Who can be a SENIOR athlete?

A.    Anyone from under 12 to Masters.


Q. What is a DUAL athlete?

A. Someone who is in the U12-U17 age groups who are also registered with a Little Athletics Club.


Q. When does the athletics season start?

A. The senior athletics season starts in October and runs through to April.


Q. When can I register for the season?

A. Registration for seniors opens during September. Athletics NSW notifies the club when the season is open and in turn we notify our members via our senior newsletter and on our website www.cherrybrookathletics.com.au


Q. How much does it cost to register with Cherrybrook Athletics Club?

A. The price is dependent on your age group and type of registration. Please refer to our Registration Fee table on our website www.cherrybrookathletics.com.au


Q. Do I have to wear a uniform?

A. Yes. All registered athletes must wear the Cherrybrook Athletics uniform. Please refer to our website for details.


Q. Is training or coaching available?

A. Yes. Senior athletes may train on Friday evenings with our Little Athletes at Greenway Park. Coaching is also available at Greenway Park by very experienced coaches for a fee. Please refer to our website for more details.


Q. What kind of competitions are available for seniors?

A. There are many competitions throughout the season, and you can enter as many or as few as you wish. A small entry fee is usually charged for the competition. Please refer to the Athletics NSW website to find their season handbook which contains all season competitions in NSW www.nswathletics.org.au. Competition details will also be available in our weekly senior newsletter.